Criminal Injuries Compensation

Compensation for the victims of violent crime

If you have been the victim of a violent crime in Great Britain you may be entitled to receive compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

Who are the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA)?

CICA is the government body responsible for administering the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme in England, Scotland, and Wales. They are part of the Ministry of Justice and also provide a service on behalf of the Scottish Regional Government.

It operates out of offices in the centre of Glasgow and currently employs over 450 staff.

Am I eligible for Criminal Injuries Compensation?

You may be eligible to apply if:

  • You have been injured seriously enough to qualify for at least our minimum award (£1,000).
  • You were injured in an act of violence in England, Scotland or Wales. An offender does not necessarily have to have been convicted of, or even charged with that crime.
  • You have made your application within two years of the incident that caused your injury.

But you will not be eligible if :

  • you were injured before 1 August 1964
  • you have already applied for compensation for the same criminal injury, under the 2008 Scheme or under any earlier Scheme operating in England, Scotland and Wales
  • the injury happened before 1 October 1979 and you and the person who injured you were living together at the time as members of the same family in the same household
  • the injury and the act of violence took place outside England, Scotland or Wales

You may also be refused or have you award reduced because of:

  • your behaviour before, during or after the incident in which you were injured
  • your criminal record
  • your failure to co-operate with the police or with the CICA
  • your delay in informing the police or other organisation or person of the incident

How CICA makes its decisions

It makes all decisions following a set of rules called the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme. This Scheme provides a guide on eligibility and the level of payment that can be made. The current Scheme was introduced on 3 November 2008 and applies to any applications made on or after then. If your application was made before then different rules may apply.

How can I apply?

If you are ready to apply for compensation, you simply need to fill in out an application form.

Organisations such as Victim Support can offer you help with your claim.

What do I need to tell CICA?

Tell the CICA about the incident and your injuries

The main things they need to know are:

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