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In Brief is a growing legal resource providing information on the laws of England and Wales.  It contains articles on a variety of legal issues, written in layman's terms by our team of writers. They have extensive legal knowledge and experience in their particular area of the law and provide high quality information on the wide range of topics we cover.

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Agricultural Law


Notifiable diseases affecting farm animals

The minimum wage for agricultural workers

Identification of livestock

Holding numbers, flock numbers and herd numbers

Agricultural vehicles and the law

Gaining organic status

Environmental stewardship

Agricultural tenancies

Gangmasters licensing

Illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing

Cloning farm animals

The right to roam over agricultural land

Disposal of fallen stock

Common land

Heather and grass burning

The British Cattle Movement Service

Regulation of genetically modified food

Disposing of farm waste

The common agricultural policy

The common agricultural policy

The single payment scheme

The common fisheries policy

Animal Welfare

The Welfare of Farmed Animals Regulations

The welfare of farm animals at markets

Movement of livestock

The welfare of farm animals during transportation

The welfare of farm animals at slaughter

Sale of goods

Legal requirements relating to the sale of eggs

Legal requirements relating to the sale of wool 

Marketing fruit and vegetables

Farmers' markets and the law

Farm shops and the law

Food Labelling

The Food Labelling Regulations 1996

Labelling bread and flour

Labelling Jams

Labelling sugar products

Labelling fruit juices

Labelling coffee

Labelling cocoa and chocolate products

Labelling fish

Labelling honey

Labelling milk products

Labelling meat products

Labelling fat and oils

Animal Law

Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare Act 2006

Seal Conservation Act

Pet Shop Regulations

Protection of Badgers

Protection of Deer

Trade in Cat and Dog Fur

Zoo Licensing Act

Damage Caused by Livestock


Dog Breeding Licensing

Dog Nuisance

Dangerous Dogs

Dog Walking

Sale of Dogs

Boarding Kennels Regulations

Guard Dogs

Sale of a Defective Dog

Ownership of Missing Dogs


Transport of Horses

Horse Ownership Passports

Horses in Traffic Accidents

Horse Loans Regulation

Registration of Farriers

Selling a Horse

Highway Code for Horse Riders


Transport of Horses


Owning Wild Animals

Owning a Pet Goat

Pig Walking Licences

Cats Fouling

Liability for Pets Actions

Business Finance


Insolvency Process

Placing Companies Into Administration

Business Administration Options

Order of Priority for Creditors

Liquidation or Winding Up

Financing a Company

Charges for Late Payments


Sole Traders and Taxation

Vat Evasion

Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery Claims

Early stages of a Debt Recovery Claim

Considerations before starting a Claim

Finding out whether a Debtor has means to pay

Claiming Interest for Late Payment

Claiming Compensation for Late Payment

Proving a Debt Recovery Claim

Enforcement of Judgements

Credit Control Procedures

Charity Law

Defining Charitable Trusts

Business Donations to Charity

Charitable Trusts

Fundraisers UK Code of Conduct

Gift Aid

Self Regulation for Charitable Fundraising in UK

Retirement of Trustees

Trustee Investment Duties

Use of Charity money

Widening Trustee Investment Powers

The Charity Commission

Child Law


Age Restrictions

Children's Name Change Process

Changing a Child's Surname

Child Accidents Compensation Liability

Children Making Legal Decisions

Children Act 1989


Reasons For Absence From School

Academy Schools in Britain

Expulsion of a Child From School


Schools Admissions

School and Special Needs Statutory Assessment

Children With Drugs in School

Parental Responsibility


Parental Responsibility

Do I have Parental Responsibility

Welfare Reform 2009

Care and Welfare

Care and Supervision Orders

Council Support for Children

Child Welfare Checklist

Emergency Protection Orders for Children

Purposes of Emergency Protection Orders

Private Law Orders in Child Protection

Special Guardianship Orders

State Intervention Child Welfare

Child Assessment Orders

Welfare Principle in Family Law


Hague Convention for Child Abduction

Child Abduction: Brussels P Regulations in the European Convention

Stopping Child Abduction

Abortion, Surrogacy and Adoption


Surrogate Parents

UK Abortion Law


Applying for Adoption

Child Maintenance

Travel Disqualification with Child Maintenance

Bank Deduction

Curfew Orders

Earning Deductions

Driving Disqualification

Assets Frozen


Affiliation Orders



Civil Court


Financing Civil Cases

Pay Court Costs

No Win No Fee

Security for Costs in Civil Claims


Admissible Evidence in Civil Case

Admissions of Fact

Hearsay in Civil Cases


Obtaining Judgement Default Against Defendant in Scotland

Requests for further information

Special Disclosure Orders

Search Orders

Court Judgements

Application Notice N224

CCJ Removal

Consent Orders in Civil Litigation

Enforcement Orders

Enforcements Judgements

Interim Injunctions

Interim Payments in Civil Matters

Mandatory and Prohibitory Injunctions

Admissions Offers

Enforcement Warrants Execution Fieri Facias

Civil Court Appeal

Judicial Review

Claim Preparation


The Law of Tort

Initial Stages

Commencement of Proceedings

Claim Form N1

Money Claim Online

Possession Claim Online

Civil Claims Issue Service Particulars Response

Start of Civil Case

Responding to a Claim

Late Servicing of Defence

Civil Claim Limitation Periods

Joining Participants and Causes of Action

Pre Action Protocol

Mortgage Pre-action Protocol

Rent Pre-action Protocol

Per-action Protocol RTA

Disease Pre-action Protocol

Housing Pre-action Protocol

Construction Pre-action Protocol

Judicial Review of Pre-action Protocol

Clinical Disputes Pre-action Protocol

Professional Negligence Pre-action Protocol

Pre-action Protocol for Personal Injury

Pre-action Protocols for Civil Litigation

Pre-action Protocol for Defamation

Letters of Claim

Letters of Claim for Illness

Letters of Claim for Housing

Letters of Claim for Construction

Letters of Claim for Judicial Review

Letters of Claim for Medical Negligence

Letters of Claim for Professional Negligence

Letters of Claim for Personal Injury

Letters of Claim for Defamation

Clinical Negligence

Dental Negligence

Health Service Ombudsman

Medical Negligence and Loss of Chance

NHS Clinical Negligence

NHS Complaints

Cosmetic Surgery Negligence

White Finger

Private Health Care Complaints

Clinical Disputes

Company Law

Company Structure

Buying a Business

Changing a Company Constitution

Company Formation

Company Resolutions

Director Duties

Floating a Company

Joint Ventures

Limited Liability Partnership


Naming a Business


Share Capital Rules

Shareholder Roles and Duties

The Role of Company Directors



Franchise Agreement

Consumer Law

ATOL Airline Insolvency

Advertising Standards Agency

Airline Lost Luggage

Buying at Auction

Buying Goods and Services On Line

Cold Calling and The Law

Consumer Protection

Consumer Rights and Refunds

Differences Between Guarantees and Indemnity

Disabled Air Traveller

Distance Selling

Legalities of Door Stop Selling

Hire Purchase Agreement

Holiday Surcharges

Home Shopping Online TV Phone

Legal Protection on Eating Out

Non Professional and Private Sales

Refusal To Pay at Restaurant

Remedies for Buyers Sale of Goods Contract

Returning Goods from Faulty Sales

Sale Goods Washing Machine

Sale of Damaged Goods

Sale of Goods Over the Internet

Selecting Trades People

Shill Bidding

Travel Regulations Insolvency

Unfair Terms In Package Holiday Deals


Warranty Protection

Writing Letter of Complaint

Contract Law


Accepting a Contract


Promise to Create Contract

Element of Contract Bargaining

Legally Enforceable Contract

Offer to Create Contract

Offer and Acceptance in Contracts

Incorporating standard terms

Privity in Contract Law

Notvation and Assignment Contracts

Ratification to Unauthorised Contract


Capacity in Contract Law

Capacity of Mental Disability

Contract With Minors

Types of Contract

Contracts Relating to Employment Business

Contracts Promoting Immorality

IT Contracts

Electronic Contracts

International Contracts

Marriage Contracts

Contract For Sale of Goods

Conditional Sale Agreements

Collective Agreements

Deeds Contracts Under Seal

Licences for Ready Made Software


Breach of Contract

Breach of Contract

Anticipatory Breach of Contract

Evidence Required  to Show Breach of Contract

Breach of Confidence


Unfair Terms

Unfair Contracts

Undue Influence

Duress and Undue Influence in Contracts

Severance In Contract

Mistakes in Contracts

Contract Containing False Statements


Consideration In Contract

Contract Terms

What are Exemption Clauses

Exemption Clauses in Contract

Types of Exemption Clauses

Protection Against Exemption Clause

Legal Intent in Contract

Implied Contract Terms

Court Judgements



Procedure Before Sentencing

Community Sentences

Suspended Prison Sentence

Compensation Magistrates Court

Taking Offences Into Consideration

Reasons for Sentencing

How Sentencing Works



Restraining Orders

Youth Rehabilitation Order

Protective Orders


Bail After Conviction

Prisoner Rights

HM Prison Service Duty of Care

Spent Convictions

Criminal Records

CRB Checks


Magistrate Court of Appeals

Reopening Criminal Case

Appealing Against a Criminal Conviction

Right to Appeal

Court Proceedings


Summary Trial Procedure

Turnbull Guidelines

Voluntary Bills of Indictment


Canon Law in Criminal System

Statement of Case

Judge Only Trials

Court Case


Courts Power

Court Powers to Seize Assets

Seizure of Criminal Assets

Proceeds of Crimes

Evidence in Court


Expert Evidence

Hearsay Evidence in Criminal Cases

DNA Use in Criminal Cases

Computer Evidence

Evidence of Bad Character as Admissible Evidence

Identification Evidence and Procedure


Illegally Obtained Evidence

Proving Intention to Commit a Crime

Prosecution Duty if Disclosure


Automation as a Criminal Defence

Defence Case Statements

Defence of Duress

Insanity as a Criminal Defence

Diminished Responsibility in Criminal Law

Provocation and Criminal Law

Provocation as a Criminal Defence

Infanticide and Criminal Law

Plea Bargaining

No Case to Answer


Appearing as a Witness

Subpoenaing a Witness

Being a Witness in a Criminal Trial

Child Witness

Expert Witnesses

Pre-trial Witness Interviews

Witness at Criminal Trials

Witness Summons

Collateral Finality Rule

Cross Examination

Right to a Fair Trial

Remand In Custody While Awaiting Trial

Right to Remain Silent in Criminal Proceedings

British Age of Criminal Responsibility

Protection for Suspects

Young Offenders

Victims of Crime Rights

Anonymity in Rape Cases

Personal Self Defence


Discrimination Law

Equality Act 2010

Introduction to the Equality Act 2010

Discrimination on grounds of Gender Reassignment

Discrimination on grounds of Age

Disability Discrimination Under the Equality Act 2010

Discrimination on grounds of Marriage and Civil Partnership

Discrimination on grounds of Pregnancy and Maternity

Discrimination on grounds of Race

Discrimination on grounds of Religion and Belief

Discrimination on grounds of Sex

Discrimination on grounds of Sexual Orientation

How does it affect businesses

How does it affect private clubs and associations

How does it affect taxi drivers

How does it affect the public sector

Discrimination (Pre Equality Act 2010)

Age Discrimination

Difference Between Direct and Indirect Discrimination


Inciting Hatred

Race Discrimination

Sex Discrimination Act

Disability Discrimination

Disability Discrimination Laws for Volunteers


Discrimination at work: IVF Treatment

Discrimination at work: Christian faith

Divorce Law


Distribution of Family Assets after Divorce


Divorce Procedure

Divorce Law for the UK and India

Divorce and Family Businesses

Changes After Divorce

Grounds For Divorce

Maintenance Pending Suit

Pensions and Divorce Settlements

Divorce and Pension Rights


Cohabitation Agreements

Public Funding in Family Law Cases


Pre-divorce Maintenance Orders

Maintenance Orders

Access to Children

Child Contact Orders

Child Support Agency Making Parents  Pay

Residence Orders for Children

Prohibited Steps and Specific Issues Orders


Dismissals and Redundancy

Dismissing An Employee

Sacked for Striking

Dismissing Striking Staff

Constructive Dismissal

Making a Constructive Dismissal

Garden Leave


Unfair Dismissal

Wrongful Dismissal

Compensation for Unfair Dismissal

Time off

Employers, Employees and Maternity Leave

Last Minute Holiday Requests

New Employee Sick Notes

Absent From Work and Natural Disasters

Flexible Working in Employment

Long Term Illness at Work

Maternity Rights

Maternity Leave Pay

Paternal Leave

Statutory Sick Pay

Request Time Off for Training


Employers With Employees Working From Home

Changing Employment Terms

Employment Contracts

Working Time Regulations

Employee Secondment

Social Workers Licensing Requirements


UK Minimum Wage

Deductions From Wages

Equal Pay

Unpaid Internships and Employment Law

Hotel Cleaners Paid By Rooms Cleaned

Trade Unions

Conditions for Over Time

Disciplinary Matters

Use of Facebook at Work

Bullying at Work

Employment Tribunals

Private Internet Use at Work


Corporate Manslaughter

Medical Evidence in Disciplinaries

Employee Fraud

Employee Giving Company Bad Name


Employer Access to Medical Records

Employment Checks for Minor Criminal Convictions

Security Vetting

Legal Issues Working With Children and Vulnerable Adults

Child Abuse Overseas UK Employment Law

Lying on a Job Application

British Workers Rights Over Foreigners

Blacklisting Trade Union Members

Employment Agencies

Employment Agencies

Employment Agency Withholding Pay

Employment Agency Withholding Pay

Employment Agencies Charging

Health and Safety

Health and Safety at Work

Health and Safety at Work Act

Building Work Health and Safety

Noise at Work

Protective Equipment at Work

Electricity at Work

Driving for a Living and the Law

Being a Security Guard



Retail Workers Wage Deductions

Minimum Wage Output Workers

Low Pay Commission

National Minimum Wage


Employment Agencies Strikes

Employment Agencies Information on Workers

Employment Agencies Law


Age Discrimination At Work

 Race Discrimination At Work

Religious Discrimination At Work

Sex Discrimination At Work

Sexual Orientation Discrimination At Work


Changes To Terms

 Tender Process for Public Contracts

Employer Prevention of Poaching Talent

Stop Ex-employees Stealing Data


The Workplace

Drug Testing in the Work Place

Dress Code At Work

Employee Assessment Scheme


Unfair Dismissal for Criminal Conviction

Grievance At Disciplinaries


Sunday Working and Shop Workers

Employees Pension Information

Employer Vicarious Liability

Children's Employment Hours

Age to Work Certain Jobs

Use of Work Equipment


Criminal Offence in Illegal Working

Highly Skilled Migrants Programme Innovators Scheme

Estate Law


Trustees of Discretionary Trusts

Express Trust Formalities

Reform Presumed Resulting Trusts

Resulting Trusts

Discretionary Trusts Beneficiary Rights

Introduction to Secret Trusts

Secret Trusts

Enforcing a Trust

Certainty of Intention

Certainty of Objects

Certainty of Subject Matter

Special Duties of Trustees


After Death

Challenging a Will

Making a Dependency Claim

Contesting a Will

Types of Grant and Who Can Apply

Inheritance Provision for Family and Dependants

Provision for Family and Dependants

Trustees Appointing Replacement

Perpetuities and Accumulations Rules

What Happens to Your Body When You Die


Making a Will


When to Write a Will

Formalities of Making a Will - S.9 Wills Act


Rules of Intestacy

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax on Gifts

Power of Attorney

Mental Capacity and Power of Attorney


A Living Will

Deed of Variation

Mutual Wills

Codicils and Revoking Wills

Dying Intestate

Revocation of a Will


Football Law

Playing Contracts

Football Player Breaking Contracts

Football Players Verbal Contracts

Footballers Not Paid Wages

Salary Caps in Football

Footballer Work Permits

UEFA Financial Fair Play Proposals

Pay As You Play

Premier League Parachute Payment

Footballers Playing for Free

Football Player Under Contract Approaching Clubs

International Game Injuries


Referees Association

Football Clubs Voice in UEFA

Football Associations Power

Football Licensing Authority

Supporters Federation

Government Involvement in International Football

Companies Organising Matches

Human Rights Act in Football

Professional Footballers' Association

Matches and Fans

Violence at Matches

Ticket Touting and Football

Away Tickets Football Matches

Chanting Football Fans

Football Hooliganism

Football Season Tickets Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts

Matches Behind Closed Doors

Football Banning Orders

Regulatory Matters

Change to Premierships Format

Conduct to Referees in Football

Football Quotas and Home Grown Player Rule

Wealth and Corruption

Corruption in Sport Football

Teams Refusing to Play in Tournaments

Goal Line Technology in Football

Racist Abuse in Football

Player Transfers

Bosman Decision on Football Transfer

Football Transfer Penalties

Potential Legal Issues in Transfer Window

Managers Moving Clubs

Footballers Transfer in Season

Media Rights

Youtube and Premier League Rights

Footballers Names in Computer Games

Pub Landlord Showing Live Football

European Law on Selling Premiership Television Rights

Streaming Live Football Matches Online

Reproduce FA Fixtures on Website

Ofcom and Broadcasting


Foreign Football Takeovers

Football Super Creditors

Football Clubs Administration Insolvent

Building a Football Stadium

Football Stadiums and the Law


Premier League Running England

Owning A Football Club

Dual Ownership of Football Clubs

Fans Running Football Clubs

Third Party Ownership Football Players


Football Agents

Football Agents Fiduciary Duty

Football Agents FIFA Regulation

Football Agents Player Transfers


Sponsorship of International Teams

Different Sponsorship for Different Football Competitions

Footballers Tools of the Trade

Training Qualifications

Becoming a Referee

Coaching Qualifications

Human Rights


Human Rights

Personal Liberty


Torture and ECHR

Human Rights and Terrorist Suspects

Detention Under the Mental Health Act

Peaceful Protest

Anti Slavery

Access to Information Held by Police


Care Home Rights


Protecting Your Privacy in Unwanted Calls

Privacy and Electronic Communications

Privacy From Media

Internet Privacy Policy

Facebook and Privacy of Personal Data

Data Protection Act

Image Rights

Right to a Private Life

Surveillance of Private Individuals

Sports Stars and Media Publication

Impersonating Someone on Facebook

Images of Yourself Online

Access to CCTV

Immigration Law

Visas for the UK

Proof of  Intention to Leave for UK Visa Application

Settlement Rules for Unmarried Couples

UK Student Visa

UK Visas


UK Citizenship

Electoral Roll

UK Family Life for Refugees Asylum Seekers

Life in the UK


Young Citizens Age Limits

Asylum and Immigration Appeals

Evidence That Can Be Heard in Immigration Asylum Chamber

Immigration and Asylum Chamber

What is the Immigration and Asylum Chamber

Grounds of Appeal in Immigration Cases

Human Rights Act and Terrorists in UK

Immigrant Human Rights Appeals

English Law Non-refoulement

Legal Representation Before Immigration Asylum Chamber

Legitimate Expectation in Asylum


Deportation From UK

Removal From UK

Extradition From UK to Category One Country

Extradition From UK to Category Two Country



Dual Nationality

Extradition Back to the UK

Flight Delays and Cancellations

Movement of Pets Within the EU

Moving to Live Abroad

Working Aboard in the EU

Intellectual Property


Intellectual Property Rights

Illegally Downloading Music

Open Source Software Licences

Passing Off

Claiming Royalties Art Work

Self Publishing Versus Publishing House



Copyright The Basics

Copyright Infringement

Remedies for Copyright Infringement

Who can Claim Copyright Infringement?

Criminal Liability for Copyright Infringement

Copyright Tribunals

Can Ideas be Protected by Copyright?

What are Moral Rights?

How long does Copyright last?

Copyright and Websites

Copyright for Freelance Writers

Copyright in Literary, Dramatic and Musical Works

Copyright in Artistic Works

Copyright in Sound Recordings and Films

Copyright in Broadcasts

Copyright in Published editions

Copyright Licensing Agency

Computer Generated Works Copyright

Copyright Protection for Software

Copyright Technological Protection Measures

Internet Service Providers Copyright Illegal Material

Defence of Fair Dealing in Copyright Law


Trade Marks

How to apply for a Trade Mark

Renewing a Trade Mark

Refusal of Trade Mark

Trademark Infringement

Trade Marks Relative Grounds for Refusal

Defences to Trademark Infringement

Unregistered Trade Marks

Registration of Food Names



How to apply for a Patent

Renewing a Patent

Patent Infringement

Defences to Patent Infringement


Information Commissioner Data Protection Act Powers

Protection of Company Information

Data Protection Requirements for Business

Design Rights

How to register a Design

Renewing a registered Design

Unregistered Design Right

Semiconductor Design Rights

Land Law

Basic Requirements of a Lease

Buying and Selling Land Law

Claiming Easement

Clean Up Waste Land

Constructive Trusts and Third Parties

Conveyance of Registered Land


Dispositions of Leases and Reversions

Equitable Doctrine of Notice

Estate Acquisition by Adverse Possession

Interests and Estates in Land

Land  Legal Interests:  IPA 1925

Land Ownership

Legal and Equitable Interests

Legal Estates Creating Commonhold

Objects Found on Land

Occupiers Liability

Planning Permission for Caravan

Private Nuisance

Proprietary Estoppels

Registered and Unregistered Land

Protection of Title: Registering Land

Registering Land Protecting Interests

Registering Unregistered Land

Right to Roam

Squatters and their Renoval


Unregistered Land Charges


Legal System


Difference Between Civil and Criminal Law

English Law

The Rule of Law

What are Precedents

The Doctrine of Precedent


British Constitution

Classification of Powers of Appointment

Rising Prison Population


Magistrates Courts

High Court

Supreme Court

Moving to Crown Court

Court of Protection

Contempt of Court

Director of Public Prosecutions

Legal Services Act 2007

Statutory Interpretation


Right to Trial by Jury

Jury Qualifications and Disqualifications

When are Juries Used

Jury Selection Process

Jury Service

Lay Magistrates Juries



Alternative Roles for Solicitors

Solicitors Code of Conduct

Complaints About Solicitors

Private Information Given to Solicitor

Public Funding



Barristers Code of Conduct

Complaints About Barristers

Bar Pro Bono

Law Careers

How to Become a Solicitor

Becoming a Solicitor Without a Degree

GDL Law Conversion Courses

Notary Public


Control of Hazards Accidents

Noise Pollution

Waste Management

UK Environment Damage Liability

Marriage Law

Pre Marriage

Prenuptial Agreements

Pre Marital Agreement Before Marriage

Post Marital Post Separation Agreements

Getting Married

Common Law Marriage

What Makes a Marriage Valid

Civil Partnerships

Restrictions on Marrying Foreigners

Prohibited Marriages

Related Matters

Cohabitation Living Partners

Decree of Nullity

Domestic Agreements


Forced Marriage Protection Order

Marriage Formation Dissolution

Changing Your Name

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence and the Law

Protection From Domestic Violence

Non Molestation Orders in Domestic Violence

Occupation Orders in Domestic Violence



Media Law

Reporting on Crime

Contempt of Court

Media Identification of Suspects

Media Identification of People Assisting Police

Police Media Conflict

Reporting on Spent Convictions

Section 44 Searches

Release of Prosecution Material

Video Recording Act Offences


Press Self Regulation

Media Law in Northern Ireland

Media Regulation

Reporting Restrictions

Computer Generated Designs

Journalists Sources

UK Film Council

Aggravated Trespass

Malicious Falsehoods Slander


Broadcasting  Regulation

Legal Challenges Under Broadcasting Act

Advertising Standards Authority

Publication of Exit Polls Law

Archiving of Internet Resources


Freedom of Expression

Freedom of Information

Classification of Films Videos

Official Secrets Act


Defamation and Internet Service Providers

Internet Defamatory Statements

Defamation of Election Candidates


Motoring Law

Illegal Activities

Drink Driving

Driving Without Car Insurance

Drug Driving

Disabled Drivers

Mobile Phones and Driving

Motoring Offences and Special Circumstances

Breath Tests

Falling to Provide Breath Test

Careless Driving

Car Crime

Abandoned Cars and Nuisance Parking

Driving Whilst Disqualified

Abandoned Vehicles

Appealing in Motoring Offences

Law Enforcement

Fixed Penalty Notices

Disqualified From Driving

Wheel Clamping

Legal Issues on Speed Cameras

Speeding Tickets

Avoid Speeding Tickets

Making a Claim

Road Traffic Accident

Making a Motor Insurance Claim

Claiming Against the Fault Driver


Motor Insurers Bureau

Motor Industry Code of Practice

VBRA Code of Practice

Scrappage Scheme

Diabetes Driving Laws

Disabled Drivers

Motoring Aboard

VAT When Buying Cars

Neighbour Disputes


The law on hosepipe bans

Dealing with a neglected neighbouring garden 

Accessing neighbouring land for the purpose of pruning hedges 

Restrictions on lighting bonfires in gardens 

Restrictions on the use of pesticides by gardeners

Bringing back plants and seeds from holiday

Allotments and the law

Noise nuisance from neighbours

Keeping chickens in a garden

Garden ponds and the law


Tree preservation orders

Removal of overhanging branches 

Removal of encroaching tree roots

Liability for damage resulting from tree roots

Removal of nests

Trees blocking out light to a garden  


Construction of encroaching fences

Ownership of fences 

Planning permission

Planning permission for garden walls

Planning permission for greenhouses



Cyber bullying


Bribery Act 2010

Criminal Damage

TV Licence

White Collar Crime

UK Law in Sedition, Obscenity and  Blasphemy

Racial and Religious Hate

Public Nuisance

Dropping of Rubbish

 Human Trafficking UK Law

Outraging Public Decency

Perverting the Course of Justice

Wasting Police Time

Failure to Act Law

Trespass to Person


Crime of Defamatory

Violent Crimes

Assault in GBH ABH


Possessing Offensive Weapons

Involuntary Manslaughter

Murder: Unlawful Killing

Breach of the Peace

Prosecution For Assaulting a Police Officer


Burglary Under the Theft Act

Aggravated Burglary

Handling Stolen Goods

Security Guards for Shoplifting


Removal of Art From Public Place

Obtaining Property By Deception

Required Intention for Theft

Points to Prove for Theft


Alcohol and Drugs

Being Drunk as a Criminal Defence

Drink Banning Orders

Drug Paraphernalia

Drug Classification

Methadrone and Legal Highs

Smoking ban

Obscene Offences


Extreme Pornography

Grooming Children


Child Porn and the Law

Living Off Immoral Earnings

Rape Victims

Stalking and Legal Protection

Street Prostitution

Sex Assault

Sexual Offences and Age of Consent

Sexual Offences and HIV

Sex Offenders Register

The Sex Offenders Register

Telecommunication Offence

Electronic Communications Offences

Hacking of Computers

Sending Threatening emails

Unauthorised Access to Computer Material

Unauthorised Modification of Computer Programs Data


Bank Account Fraud

Identity Fraud


Fraud In Information Communication Technology

Internet Lottery Scams

Forgery and Counterfeiting

Personal Finance

Welfare and Benefits

Attendance Allowance

Benefit Fraud

Disability Living Allowance

Claiming Income Support

Independent Living Fund

Court Costs

Public Funding for Criminal Cases

Legal Funding Today

Old Legal Aid System

Help In Court

Legal Aid

Help With Courts Courts

Bankruptcy and Debt

Attachment of Earnings

Do Bailiffs Have Any Legal Power


Debt Management Plans

Debt Relief Orders

Collective and Enforcement Insolvency

Individual Voluntary Agreements

Charging Order

Repayment of Student Loans

Orders For Sale


Bank Account Rejection

Obtaining a Bank Reference

Bank Reference

Still Claim Bank Charges

Bank Obligations to Customers

Reclaiming Bank Charges

Supreme Courts Ruling Bank Charges

Online Banking

Refunds of Any Bank Reimbursement

Credit Card Statements

Equity Release


Reducing Capital Gains Tax Liability

Buying Company Shares


Capital Gains Tax


Body Parts Insurance

Reclaim Payment Protection Insurance

Cancelling Payment Protection Insurance

PPI Mis-selling

PPI Alternatives

Personal Injury


Injury At Work

Industrial Injuries

RTA Whiplash Injury

Spinal Cord Injuries

Negligence and Nervous Shock

Injured in Violent Crime

Claiming Compensation when Injured in Public Place


Making a Personal Injury Claim

Limitation on Personal Injury Claims

Defences Against Personal Claims

Personal Injury Compensation Payments




Police Entrapment

Stop and Search Powers

Police National Computer


Public Interest Immunity

Gathering Evidence

Police Identification Procedures

Suspect Identification Procedures

Police Station Interview

Police Interview Silence

Police Taking Fingerprints

Police Identification Parades

Police Entry and Search Powers

Search Warrants


Citizens Arrest

Power of Arrest

Being Arrested Custody Officer Duties Powers

Police Corruption

Police Powers

Police Power in Arrest and Detain

Preparing for Trial


Civil Court Trial

Attending a Case Management Conference

Freezing Injunction

Acknowledgement Service for N9

Interim Applications

Pre-trial Checklist Listing for Questionnaire N170

Statements of Case

Summary Judgement

Disclosure During Civil Proceedings

Defamation Trials

Civil Procedure Rules

Avoiding Court

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods

Alternatives to Litigation

Mediation Procedure

Benefits of Mediation Procedure

Ombudsman Settling Disputes

Judgement in Default

Statutory Demand

Part 36 Offers

Muslim Arbitration Tribunal

Track Allocation

Track Allocation in Civil Proceedings

How the Court Allocate Claims to Tracks

Multi Track Claims

Small Claim Tracks

Qualifying for Small Claims

Preparing for Small Claims Hearing

Small Claims

Problems With Small Claims

Fast Track Claims

Shariah in Britain

Prison Law


Transferring prisons

Recall to prison

Prisoner release on license

Home detention curfews

Prisoner property

Lost property claims

Prisoner complaints

Racism in prison

Prison visits

Categories of male prisoners

Categories of female prisoners

Charges against prisoners

Lost property claims

Appealing legal charges

Property Law


Accelerated Possession Orders

Assigning a Lease

Procedure of Evicting a Tenant

Lodgers and Landlords

Landlord and Tenant Rights

Obligations Under the Code of Practice for Leasing Business Premises

Notice to Quit

Sitting Tenants and Selling

Squatters and Adverse Possession

Squatters and the Law Regarding Their Removal

Break Clauses in Commercial Property Leases


Cohabitants Property Rights

Joint-Tenancy Eviction

Tenancy Agreement

Tenants in Common

Tenants Deposit Scheme

Tenants With Landlords in Mortgage Arrears

Who Can Enter Your House


Eviction for Mortgage Arrears

Mortgage Arrears: What to Do

Rights of the Mortgagee

Rights of the Mortgagor

Mortgage Fraud

Charging Orders Relating to Property

Homeowner Repossession Risks


Different Types of Trusts

Strangers Assist Breech of  Trust

Strangers Acting as Trustees

How to Create an Express Trust

Constructive Trusts

Ownership Family Property

English Constructive Trusts

Buying Property

Buying the Freehold of a Leasehold Flat

Deed of Confirmation

Estate in Fee Freehold

Buying Property Plans to Extend

Conveyancing Procedure

Conveyancing Leasehold

Losses When Property Deal Falls Through

Home Information Pack

Lock Out Agreements

Legalities in Newly Built Properties

Property Deal Falling Through


Energy Performance Certificate

Obtaining Planning Permission

Presumption of Advancement in Relationships

Rebutting Presumption of Advancement

Solicitors Retain Funds from Property Transactions

Timeshare Agreements

Lost Title Deeds


Restrictive Covenants

Home Exchanges

Intentionally Homeless

Proprietary Licences

Long Term Care Home Rights

Neighbour Disputes

Problems With Neighbours

Disputes With Neighbours

High Hedges Act


General regulations

Service Level Agreements

Terms and Conditions of Business

Business emails

Software Development

Terms and Conditions

Product Liability in Contract

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Restraint of Trade Clauses

Food Handlers Reporting Diseases

Professional Liability

Work Entry Rules for Business Investors

Premium Rate Telephone Numbers

Economic Torts


Abuse Dominant Position

Anti-competitive Agreements

Office of Fair Trading

EU and Movement of Goods

Goods Movement Within EU

Working in EU

Free Movement of Services

Free Movement of Capital

UK National Export System

Importing Tobacco From EU

Health and Safety

Employment and Hazardous Substances

UK Food Hygiene Legislation

Food Temperature Regulations

Health and Safety Offences Act

Health and Safety at Work

Directors Liability to Health Safety

Online Business

Privacy Online

Business Website Regulations

Pay Per Click Advertising

Privacy Online

Business Internet Policy

Website Creation Legal Issues

Website Development Contracts

Website Access for Disabled People

Electronic Commerce Regulations

Linking and Framing


Farm Business Tenancy

Contents of a Commercial Lease

Sales Law


Buying and Selling Goods

Weights and Measures Regulations

Returned Goods

Product Liability

Wrongful Interference With Goods

Long Distance Selling

Sale of Goods Act

Food and Drink

Meat Labelling

Labelling of Spirits in the UK

Best Before and Use By Dates


Distance Marketing Financial Products

Provision of Service Regulations

Regulated Activities

Cancellation Distance Marketing Regulations


Regulations Selling Packages


Sports Law

Legal Exemptions

Sport and the Law

Competition Rules in Sporting Exemptions


Free Movement of Horses

Free Movement of Firearms for Sport


Fishing Rights

Disabled Athletes Competing

Fox Hunting With Dogs

Online Gambling

Requirements for Sports Coaches

Gender Verification

Disability Discrimination Sports

Using Airguns in UK


Alcohol Advertising UK Sport

Ambush Marketing and Event Sponsorship

Ambush Marketing and the Olympics

Endorsement Contracts in Sport

Sponsorship Agreements in Sport

Tobacco Advertising in Sport

Promotional Material Sport Grounds

Unofficial Sports Merchandise

Affirmation of Contract


Sport Tickets Allocation

Cancellation of Sports Events

Exclusive Hospitality at Sports Events

Hosting International Sporting Events

Betting and Match Fixing

|Sport Tickets Terms and Conditions

Sporting Events and Employment Issues

Ticket Touting at Sports Events

Timing Sport Events


Resolving UK Sporting Disputes

Criminal Offences in Sporting Contest

Negligence and Sport

Sports Injury Compensation Claims

Money Laundering in Sport Financial Task Force

Collective Bargaining Agreements in Sport


Government Involvement in Sport

Court of Arbitration for Sport

European Sports Charter

Code of Ethics Fair Play and Protection of Children

Sports Role in Education


UK Great Britain Football Team

Olympic Games Government Involvement

International Olympic Committee IOC

Olympic Games Effect on Sport Events

Payment London Olympics

Enhancing Performance


Athletes Doping and Criminal Law

Doping in Team Sports

Athlete Liability Doping WADA Code


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