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What Are Industrial Injuries?

Industrial injuries are injuries, diseases or disability that a worker acquired in the course of performing their jobs. There is a wide variety of injuries that are eligible for benefits. Workers who sustain such injuries can claim benefits and more, based on their individual circumstances.

Who Are Eligible To Claim Benefits For Industrial Injuries?

For work related accidents, you can claim Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit under the following conditions: (1) you were employed at the time of the accident occurred; and (2) the accident which led to the illness and disability happened in England, Wales or Scotland.

For diseases, if you were employed and discharging your job related duties which caused your disease then you can claim benefits.

The government is keen on protecting the well-being of the worker so there are quite a lot of diseases covered. The list covers more than 70 diseases that are eligible for benefits and are continuously updated.

What Are Some Diseases Eligible For Coverage Under The Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit?

A few examples are the following:

Who Are Not Eligible To Claim Benefits For Industrial Injuries?

If you were self employed at the time of the accident, then you are not eligible for benefits. Only those employed by persons other than themselves are eligible to files claims for Industrial Injuries benefits.

What Are The Various Categories Of Industrial Injury?

Industrial injuries fall under two main categories:

  1. First are work related diseases which are diseases the worker contracted as a result of his work. This can be caused by machinery, chemicals, environment and other factors that are determined to be the cause of their disease.

  2. Second would be work related accidents. These would cover accidents that occurred not only because of machineries but any accident that is related to the workers job.

The coverage of Industrial Injuries is obviously large and it recognized diseases that were previously thought to be unrelated to the workers job.

Thus should your injury appear as though it is not covered initially, it is advisable to locate the latest list as this is constantly updated as more data is received.

How Much Can You Receive?

The amount of benefits you will receive would depend on two main factors.

  1. Your age at the time of the injury; and

  2. The magnitude of your injuries or disease. The severity of your injury would be a major factor in determining the rightful amount of your benefit. So the severity would be subject to assessment by an accredited doctor and will be rated on a scale from 1 to 100 percent.

Will Benefits From Industrial Injuries Affect Your Other Benefits?

Benefits received for industrial injuries may affect certain other benefits. Of special note would be in cases where you have a low income for which you are receiving income support and other types of support. These benefits may be impacted by industrial injuries benefits.

To determine the effect and magnitude if any of the industrial injuries benefits on your other benefits, please consult with the office handling your claims. This ensures that you will get a definitive and official clarification of the effects on your other benefits.

What Are Other Benefits That May Be Received Due To Industrial Accidents?

Depending on your personal circumstances, you may receive one or more of the following benefits:

  1. Constant Attendance Allowance can be claimed for diseases which commenced prior to October 1, 1990 and which resulted in a 100% disability rating which necessitates constant attention and care everyday.

  2. Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit can be claimed in the event that you are disabled from an accident that is related to your work

  3. Pneumoconiosis. Under the Workers Compensation Act 1979, certain dust related ailments contracted may be eligible for payment.

  4. Exceptionally Severe Disablement Allowance this additional benefit can be claimed if your disability is of such severity that you are in need of intermediate or exceptional constant care which necessitates a permanent care giving arrangement

  5. Retirement Allowance can replace a reduced earnings allowance once you reach the mandated age for State Pension Eligibility

When Do You Claim For Benefits?

Regardless of severity, it is highly recommended that a claim be filed by the worker immediately after an industrial accident.

This holds true whether there is an apparent injury or not or on whether the injury appears mild. The prudent course of action would be to file for a claim as long as there was in fact an incident of industrial injury.

The reason for this is that injuries have been known to come out at a later time and if no claim was filed then the worker will be ineligible to file a claim for benefits. This may be the case even if future data would later indicate that the accident was directly responsible for either the workers disability or disease.

How Do You Claim For Benefits?

The government, in its mission to protect and enhance its workforce, has made it easy to file claims for industrial injuries benefits.

The procedure only requires accomplishing a form available at your regional Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit delivery centres. A PDF form may also be available for download from the relevant government site.

There are numerous Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit delivery centres around UK for the convenience of workers.

Furthermore, there is also a wealth of information available on the Department of Work and Pensions regarding the coverage and the other pertinent information regarding Industrial Injuries Benefits.

How will you receive your benefits?

In most cases, benefits are normally deposited directly to your bank account. It may also be paid to your Post office or a National Savings Account.

For workers who are blind or otherwise unable to move unaided, arrangements can be made to allow another person to claim the benefits on your behalf.

Please consult with the person or agency handling your Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefits claim.

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