Living off immoral earnings

What are immoral earnings? 

The word immoral loosely translated means not within society’s standards of honest, moral and acceptable behaviour – therefore morally wrong.  The words immoral earnings are used to discuss money earned from prostitution (having sex in exchange for money)

The main way of earning money in an immoral manner is through prostitution which is legal in the UK. Working as an escort or a private prostitute is currently legal however many other activities linked to prostitution are not. 

How are immoral earnings gained? 

The money gained from prostitution is used for many things; it is thought that many prostitutes are on drugs and the money may partly go towards funding drugs. Here, the immoral earnings just go towards buying goods which may be illegal and are dangerous.

Some prostitutes are “pimped” and this is where they are controlled for money. The only people who really benefit here are the pimps who gain money from the prostitutes under their control. Being convicted of this offence can mean imprisonment for the offender.

Brothels also operate and this is where two or more prostitutes work. The majority of prostitutes in a brothel would most probably live in the premises.  It is against the law for someone to manage a brothel or to assist in managing a brothel and this offence can have a maximum sentence of seven years in prison.

In a brothel, most of the immoral earnings would go to the brothel owner but this may not always be the case.


A prostitute can be male or female and is somebody who is paid to provide sexual intercourse or other sex acts.

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  • The Wolfenden Committee (1957) stated that ‘In its simplest and most usual form, “living on the earnings of prostitution” consists of an arrangement by which a man lives with a prostitute and is wholly or mainly kept by her.’
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