Complaints Procedure

Receiving Complaints

Any person who wishes to make a complaint about either the subscription services, or the claims management services, offered by this site may do so
a) by email to:


b) by letter to:

34 New House
67-68 Hatton Garden

c) by telephone to:

02893 378032

Responding to Complaints

i) We reserve the right to decline to consider any complaint raised more than 6 months after the complainant became aware of the cause of the complaint.

ii) We will send a written or electronic acknowledgement of any complaint received within 5 business days of receipt of any such complaint, giving the job description of the person handling the complaint, together with a copy of this internal complaints handling procedure.

iii) Within 4 weeks of receiving the complaint we will either send the complainant a final response or a holding response, explaining why it has not been possible to deal with the complaint within 4 weeks, and indicate when further contact will be made, which will be within 8 weeks of the original complaint.

iv) If a final response cannot still be provided within this 8 week timescale then the complainant will be informed of this and the reasons why, and advised of their right to make a complaint to the Claims Management Regulator

Right to Complain to the Claims Management Regulator

If a client is dissatisfied after using our Internal Complaints Handling Procedure then they can make a complaint to the Claims Management Regulator.

Complaints may be made in writing, by email, by telephone or any other form to

Claims Management Regulator
57-60 High Street
Burton on Trent
DE14 1JS

email : [email protected]
tel : 0845 450 6848

You may also refer your complaint to the Legal Ombudsman. For more information, please visit our terms of use page.