About In Brief

What is In Brief?

In Brief is a growing legal resource providing information on the laws of England and Wales It contains articles on a variety of legal issues, written in layman’s terms by our team of writers. They have extensive legal knowledge and experience in their particular area of the law and provide high quality information on the topics we cover.

In Brief aims to be the largest source of legal material of its kind anywhere on the Internet. A site devoted to informing the public about laws relevant to them and providing people with an encyclopaedia of articles on English law.

Which topics are covered?

Articles on the topics in the following categories can be found on In Brief: Business, Criminal, Discrimination, Employment, Family Law, Housing, Immigration, Inheritance, Land, Media Law, Motoring, Personal Finance and Personal Injury, as well as Sports Law which includes a separate section on football and the law. We also have a section under the title ‘The English Legal System’ where articles can be found providing general information on the different aspects of English Law. The UK constitution is a topic in this section.

Why use In Brief?

In Brief provides information on an increasing range of legal matters. The information is of high quality, available free of charge to the general public, and offers you, for a small fee, the opportunity to ask a qualified lawyer any legal question from the comfort of your own home and receive an answer within minutes.

We also have a facility where you can search the content of In Brief.

Who writes for In Brief?

The majority of writers for In Brief hold legal qualifications and have spent years working in their chosen profession. Our writers include academics, civil servants, practising solicitors, and barristers. Further details of their qualifications can be found on our contributors page where a selection of our writers are featured. If you are interested in writing for In Brief please get in touch.