Action against Governing Bodies  Allocating Tickets incorrectly

Worldwide sporting events

When a major worldwide sporting event occurs such as the football World Cup or the Olympic Games the organisation of this event will be coordinated by the world governing body of that particular sport. For example the organisation of the Olympics will be coordinated by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the organisation of the World Cup will be coordinated by FIFA.

The Ticketing of Major Sporting events

One extremely important aspect of major sporting events is the ticketing side and most notably how many of the tickets will be distributed and to whom.

This aspect will again be coordinated by the world governing body but it follows that each member association representing a certain territory will be provided with an allocation of tickets themselves to be handled in a specific way. For example for the football World Cup each of the FIFA Member Associations participating in the tournament will be given an allocation of tickets for their own fans.

Are conditions attached to these tickets being provided?

There are often certain conditions which will be attached to the allocation of tickets being provided to the member association. One of the most important conditions is that they ensure that the tickets are provided to individual supporters from the country or territory which they represent.

How are they to regulate this?

Member associations or national governing bodies are to regulate this by attaching certain requirements to the ticket request process. For example they may require individuals to provide their passport details so they can ensure that the individual is from that particular country.

Is it fair to do this?

It is not always fair to restrict this simply on grounds of nationality as there may be many supporters of that country who live outside the country and have family members who are from that country. In this situation it may be advisable for countries to offer tickets to individuals who are members of official supporters groups. This will ensure that the individuals who feel most passionately about their team will have access to tickets.

How are these allocations governed?

Each member association will have a Ticket Allocation Agreement in place with the world governing body which will deal with issues such as the following:

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