Becoming Intentionally Homeless


A person is homeless if he has no available accommodation in the United Kingdom or elsewhere which:

  •  The person is entitled to occupy as a result of an interest or a court order or

  •  The person has a licence to occupy or

  •  The person occupies as a result of a rule of law or statutory provision and

  •  The person is unable to secure entry to the accommodation or

  •   It is unreasonable for the person to occupy the accommodation for example in cases of domestic violence

Who is intentionally homeless?

  • A person is intentionally homeless if he deliberately does something or fails to do anything in consequence of which he no longer occupies an accommodation which is available for his occupation and which would have been reasonable for him to occupy.

  • A person shall be treated as becoming intentionally homeless if he enters into an arrangement under which he is required to cease to occupy an accommodation which would have been reasonable for him to occupy where the purpose of such an arrangement was to obtain assistance under the Housing Act 1996 and there is no other reason why he is homeless.

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