Are there any legal issues which I should be aware of when entering into a home exchange?

Home exchanges

Currently a home exchange is a very popular way to go on holiday enabling individuals to receive accommodation in exchange for their own accommodation. This has many advantages as it enables someone to feel as if they live in a particular place which will give them a better feel of the place they are staying in. It may also prove a much cheaper option as there will be no payment required for the use of the property (in most cases) and there is also the option in some home exchanges to use a car without the required hassle of renting one.

As a consequence of this, a home exchange is currently a very attractive option in the current economic climate.

How can I find a home exchange?

Many people will undertake a home exchange with people they already know, either friends or through friends of friends but there are many ways which you can organise a home exchange with someone which you do not know. There are many dedicated websites providing huge amounts of details of potential home exchanges both home and abroad. If an individual chooses the route of going through a website they should endeavour to make a full check of the website to ensure that it is reputable and they will be getting what they expected as remember that if you do this through a website your own home will also be featured on the site.

What should be the first thing I do when wishing to enter into a home exchange?

When initially looking to enter into a home exchange you must remember that it is about your home as much as it is about the home of the individual you wish to exchange with. Whether you organise the exchange through a website or with a friend there are a variety of issues you should include, they are the following:

  • Provide a full description of your home – this can include the type of home, how old it is, the size and any special features you may believe to be a unique selling point for the home

  • Provide a full description of the neighbourhood, the climate and any amenities in the locality

  • Provide a full description of any areas of interest in the locality of your home or those which are easily accessible by car

  • Provide details of public transport and proximity to major cities

  • Provide details of airports

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