Disputes with Neighbours: Action You Can Take If You Have Disagreements with Your Neighbours

Neighbourhood Disputes

Despite the general desire of most people to keep their homes a haven that is peaceful and quiet, sometimes, issues can come up which can upset our tranquil environment.

Neighbourhood disputes can arise from far ranging issues such as hedges, noise, vandalism to outright antagonistic behaviour.

Most towns and boroughs do not take kindly to those who commence hostilities and conflict within their environs so it will not be too hard or too difficult to have the issues resolved.

Types of Neighbourhood Disputes

Most neighbourhood problems and disputes can be found in one or more of the following categories:

  • Peace And Quiet Issues

All persons have a right to expect a peaceful and quiet environment. However, some people just have a knack of making major nuisances of themselves. Usually they are just inconsiderate of the persons around them or they expect that because they are partying themselves, then everybody needs to be partying with them. Most people have definitely encountered this type at one time or another.

  • Foliage Related Issues

Despite the fact that gardens and plants are supposedly genteel and peaceful pastimes, in real life, it comprises a substantial portion of neighbourhood disputes.

Overgrown gardens and trees, branches and fruits encroaching on your neighbour’s property and hedge height and composition are pretty much standard items in your basic neighbourhood dispute.

Obviously, putting aside the cases of encroachments on properties, it seems that people do have diverse ideas about what is aesthetically pleasing.

  • Trespassing and Boundary Line Issues

Unless you painstakingly mark out your property and ensure that it cannot be moved, this will be an issue when your neighbour moves in or decides to construct something adjacent to your property line.

Some people will be outright inconsiderate and unmindful of your rights and move the boundaries to accommodate their plans. It means nothing for them to take a few centimetres off your property to allow for their bigger driveway. Or maybe pass through your land on the way to their property, using it as a shortcut.

Usually it pays to be quite aware of this and be on your guard as soon as you see some construction in progress. Alternatively, you can clearly and permanently delineate your property and ensure that you and your neighbour discuss this delineation.

While the above process is ideal, it can sometimes be hard to do for large properties or for those where the owner cannot see the whole expanse due to trees and other structures.

This particular incursion is one that you must watch out for due to a legal thing called trespass to land. If you allow such incursions to proceed or to occur on a regular basis, you may find that you have lost the legal recourse to prevent such incursions. Allowing it to proceed without protesting may signify an implicit agreement on your part and result in rendering future complaints that are null and void.

So if such violations are occurring, address these right away.

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