Deed of Confirmation

What is a Deed of Confirmation

A Deed of Confirmation is sometimes alternatively called a Correction Deed. It is used in cases where a previous deed contains errors that need to be corrected.  When it comes to property deeds, over long periods and through the various arduous legal processes that take place, it is not uncommon for human error to creep in. The deeds for a property may therefore contain errors of various kinds.

There can be many reasons that a Confirmation Deed is used to address and rectify these types of error, particularly when it comes to asserting the legal rights associated with the property and thereby safeguarding the owner of the property from potential future issues.


When people buy and sell property, the deed is what asserts the conveyance of the property from the seller to the buyer. The deed will typically also contain a number of warranties, assuring the property as part of the terms of the sale.

When you buy a property, the title deeds are a record of your ownership of the property, and are registered as part of the Land Registry service. This will indicate any rights and responsibilities that you have with regard to the property, as well as details of any mortgage that you have on it.


All manner of errors and inaccuracies may find their way into the documents for a deed.

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