Prisoner release on license

A prisoner may be released from prison before the end of their prison sentence on a temporary license.

There are four different types of Release on Temporary License (ROTL):

  • Resettlement day release

  • Resettlement overnight release

  • Childcare resettlement

  • Special purpose release

Risk assessment following ROTL application

Once an application for release on temporary license has been received, the prison will firstly ascertain whether the prisoner is eligible for such release and will then carry out a risk assessment.

Each prison will have produced a leaflet that should be available to prisoners containing their policy on release on temporary license.

Categories of prisoners not eligible for ROTL

There are certain categories of prisoners that are not eligible for release on temporary license from any UK prison, these include:

  • Category A prisoners

  • A prisoner who is named on an escape list

  • Any prisoner subject to extradition proceedings

  • A prisoner who has not yet received their sentence

  • A prisoner who is held in prison on remand, having already received a sentence in relation to one or more offences, but still awaits sentence in relation to further offences.

Category B offenders are not eligible for certain aspects of ROTL. They will not be considered for Resettlement Day Release or Resettlement Overnight release, but may be considered for any other form of ROTL.

Resettlement Day Release

A prisoner will be eligible to apply for Resettlement Day Release either:

  • 24 months before their parole date

  • 24 months before their conditional release date

  • Having served half of their sentence minus half of any relevant remand time

Whichever of these criteria gives the later date, will be the one that the prison will consider on application for Resettlement Day release.

Why Resettlement Day Release?

There are many reasons why a person may apply for Resettlement Day Release, the most common are:

  • To maintain family ties

  • In order to maintain/ sort out housing issues

  • To attend probation interviews

  • To search for employment and attend any relevant interviews

  • To carry out any unpaid work requirements

  • To attend any training or skills workshops

  • To open bank accounts

  • Complete any sentence related requirements such as drug and alcohol rehabilitation

For prisoners who are serving their sentence on designated resettlement prisons, the following additional reasons may be consider alongside an application for Resettlement Day Release:

  • To undertake driving lessons

  • Car maintenance

  • To carry our paid employment

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