Prison Visits

Types of prison visits

There are two types of prison visits:

  • Social visits- include visits from the friends and family members of the prisoners

  • Official visits- which includes visits from legal advisors or similar professionals.

Official visits are not included in a prisoner’s entitlement to social visits. These are additional visits allowed by prisoners on top of their monthly entitlement.

How often can a prisoner have visitors?

A prisoner on remand, who is awaiting their trial, is allowed three 60 minute visits per week.

A convicted prisoner is allowed at least two 60 minute visits every four weeks. Some prisons will increase the amount of visits a prisoner is entitled to as an award for good behaviour.

Prisoner can also ask for a temporary transfer to a prison closer to their home address. The prisoner will then save up all their prison visits to allow them all to be used during their time at the prisoner closer to their home.

Depending on the flexibility of the prison the prisoner has been transferred to, it may be possible to extend the length of each visit to accommodate family.

Privileged visits

In addition to the basic level of prison visits, prisoners are also entitled to privileged visits.

These can be granted by the discretion of the prison Governor. There are often granted where a Governor feels it is necessary for matters concerning the prisoner’s welfare, and this category will also include visits earned by the prisoner in an incentive scheme or as a reward for good behaviour.

The specific entitlements of privilege visits will differ from prison to prison, but the usual scheme includes:

  • Basic level – same level as usual prison allowance of visits.

  • Standard level – at least 3 visits every 28 days with the possibility of including added features to the visits depending on the prison facilities.

  • Enhanced – 4 or 5 one hour visits every 28 days. Where a prison can accommodate, a prisoner may be given the choice of day and time for the visit, and also use of enhanced facilities such as visiting areas.

Conditions for social visits

All prisoners are entitled to a visit within 72 hours of their arrival at the prison. It is the duty of the staff at the prison to inform each prison of this entitlement.

    A prisoner can usually have up to 3 adult visitors at any one time.

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