The use of Police Identity Parades in the UK Criminal Justice System

Identification of an offender

The identification of an offender is a key aspect of any criminal conviction. This identification may be done by the victim of the crime or a witness if there are any available witnesses and in most cases both.

If an individual can be identified as the offender then this piece of evidence will be one of the first pieces used in a criminal trial with both the victim and any witnesses required to repeat the identification in front of the court.

Police Identity Parades

The traditional method of identifying an offender was to use a police identity parade. During a police identity parade a line of suspects will be required to line up with either the victim or a witness able to view the parade form behind a screen. Often the potential suspects will be required to repeat a sentence which the victim or the witness will have heard. This will enable the victim or the witness to identify the offender both by sight and voice.

Who will make up the police identity parade?

During a police identity parade it will usually be the case that the police are aware of whom the suspect is due to their investigations and the identity parade will be used simply as confirmation that the suspect is in fact the offender. If this is the case then the other members of the identity parade may be police officers or simply people the police have picked off the street.

Can I take part in a police identity parade?

Many police stations still using the traditional method of a police identity parade will employ members of the public to take part in an identity parade for a small payment. Often the police will have a list of people that they use and will look to this list when choosing people to take part in the parade.

Are there any potential issues with taking part in an identity parade?

One of the biggest issues faced by a member of the general public when taking part in a police identity parade is that you will be in the presence of a real criminal and depending on the crime you may fear for your safety. However, your safety should be assured due to the potential presence of police officers in the line-up and the officers who are coordinating the line-up.

If I take part in a police line-up will this benefit my local police station?

Without volunteers taking part in a police identity parade it is often difficult for the police to complete the line-up causing them to waste valuable police time in looking for potential participants or having to participate in it themselves.

What are the potential problems when using a traditional police identity parade?

Other than the problems of wasting police time in looking for suitable participants the following are key problems when using an identity parade:

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