Who can claim for income support?

 What is income support?

Income support is the payment allowed to certain individuals who are financially eligible. The person must be unable to work full time and as a result of this not have sufficient income to live on. An example of someone who may be eligible could be a single parent who has child care commitments or perhaps a registered disabled person who is impaired from working.

Who can be eligible?

In order to qualify the person applying for this support must be a full time resident in the United Kingdom. The person must also be aged between 18 and 60 years old to qualify. The person must also not work over 16 hours per week. Any hours worked over this period will mean that no support of this nature can be offered. A person would also be ineligible for the support if they have over £16000 worth of capital available to them. Also an applicant who may be eligible for the support by meeting all the above criteria may still not be eligible because they have a partner who works over 24 hours a week. In this scenario it is presumed that the person can be given support by their partner.

How is it calculated?

If an applicant has a family then it is important to note that the income is calculated according to the entire family income and not just that belonging to the applicant. This will include spouses, civil partnerships and any other people cohabiting with the person making the application. However certain other payments made to the person applying for the support can be disregarded when calculating the household income. These include statutory sick pay and child benefits. As well as this certain ancillary relief orders received from a divorce settlement will also not be considered in the calculation assessment for the application, this could include for example a lump sum order.

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