TV Licensing

Who needs a television licence?  

If you own a television and you watch or record television programmes as they are being broadcast then you must by law, be covered by a TV licence. It does not matter which device you are using but this includes the use of devices such as a computer or mobile phone.  A television licence allows the person named on it and any member of their household to use one or more TV sets or recorders.

If you are using a black and white TV – the licence you would require is only for a black and white television licence. If you have a colour TV, you require a colour television licence.

Situations where you do not need a TV licence

There are a few instances where you would not need a TV licence, these are if a television set cannot receive TV programmes and is used only:

  • For close circuit monitoring

  • For watching pre-recorded DVDs or videos

  • As a computer monitor 

You do not need a TV licence to watch “catch-up” services for instance BBC i-Player because channels like these let you watch programmes after they have already been broadcast.

How to purchase a television licence

When you purchase a DVD recorder or television set and a licence is needed then it is your responsibility to buy a licence. To do this, you can either write to or telephone TV Licensing and ask them for a form to complete.  You are not covered even if the completed form has already been sent with payment to TV Licensing until the actual licence has been issued and it is important to remember this.

The first licence you ever receive will be valid for one year from the first day of the month of issue.  When the time comes to renew your licence you can apply up to a month in advance. The new licence will then last for one year from the original date of expiry on your first licence – not from the date the licence is renewed.

It is a policy of TV Licensing to make sure reminders are sent to renew licences when needed.

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