The Motor Insurers' Bureau or MIB

What Is the MIB (Motor Insurers’ Bureau)

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) is a UK Guarantee Fund that compensates victims of negligent uninsured or untraced drivers (commonly known as Hit and Run accidents).  The MotorInsurers’Bureau is funded via insurance premiums and the typical cost is £15-30 per policy.  Compensation paid out since 1946 is in excess of 2 Billion pounds.  Administration costs alone have risen from 11 million in 2004 to 19 million in 2006.

What does the MIB (Motor Insurance Bureau) pay compensation for?

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau will pay for bodily injury suffered by victims of negligent uninsured or untraced drivers and there is no limit to the level of compensation.

The MIB will also pay for property damage as a result of negligent uninsured or untraced drivers.  If the damage is a result of an untraced driver then the MIB will not pay the first £300.00 and will treat this as an excess.  If the damage is a result of an uninsured driver then the £300.00 excess does not apply.

Uninsured and Untraced Drivers Agreements

  • Uninsured Agreements cover identified drivers who have caused an accident and injury to a fellow motorist or pedestrian.

  • The Untraced Drivers’ Agreement requires the MIB to cover victims of ‘hit and run’ accidents.

How to make a claim under the Uninsured Driver’s Agreement

The onus is on the victim to make as many enquiries as possible to work out who the registered keeper is of the vehicle etc.  A claim may still be pursued if the vehicle is insured but not the driver.  The police and DVLA will be helpful in this regard.

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