Fixed Penalty Notices

What Are Fixed Penalty Notices?

Fixed penalty notices are fines. These are levied on a person, for a specific offence and for a certain amount.

They were originally developed to solve parking problems way back when parking in London streets started creating problems for the local police.  Essentially, they were created to address the quick and free rectification of minor traffic offences. Since no prosecution is involved, then no criminal record is created.

Since then, fixed penalty notices found their way into the various enforcement laws of the government offering a way to penalize violations without having to go into a long and costly prosecution.

The enforcement and payment of most fixed penalty notices have been automated to the extent that it can now be done online for most situations.

What Are The Types Of Fixed Penalty Notices?

There are various types of fixed penalty notices. Some have to do with motoring violations, environmental violations and other civil violations that are considered lesser offences which normally don’t need further prosecution.

Environmentally Related Fixed Penalty Notices

The environment related fixed penalty notice is a relatively newer thing. While other offences are old ones, a great deal of them were created in the wake of the environmental consciousness permeating most of the world today.

Moreover, the fact that London has been chosen for the Olympics has also created a great desire on the part of the citizens of UK to protect and beautify their city. Hence it gave birth to the proliferation of many initiatives in different towns and boroughs to address their environmental problems.

Fixed penalty notices can be issued for environmental offenses such as littering, vandalising, failure to properly handle dog fouling, creating loud noises and other offences.

Parents take note that anyone over 10 can be issued these notices so please watch over your children to avoid accumulating excessive fines.

But the violation of environmental laws is just one aspect that parents should be aware of because they can now be penalized for the truancy of their child among other things.

Anti Social Behaviour Act 2003

In recent times, a large number of towns and boroughs have decreed that a parent can be issued a fixed penalty notice for excessive absences of their children.

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