Do I have to have insurance to drive a car in the UK?

Currently in the UK a huge amounts of deaths and damage are caused by reckless driving on our roads. Furthermore it is estimated that one in five new drivers will have some form of accident during their first year of driving.

Protection of other Road users  

Due to the possibility of injures occurring when using the road the UK Government has placed various initiatives and legislation in place in order to prevent accidents happening.

Two year probationary period

An example of a UK Government Initiative which is designed to protect road users and try and eliminate the potential for accidents in the first few years of driving there is a two year probationary period for any driver who passes his test after 1 June 1997. This is designed to discourage new drivers from committing motoring offences.

The Road Traffic Act 1988

The Road Traffic Act 1988 is the most comprehensive piece of legislation to deal with motoring offences in the UK. The act covers such things which must be in place before you can drive your vehicle on the road such as insurance, tax and the passing of a ministry of transport test (MOT) each year before you are allowed to drive on the road.

What does the Road Traffic Act say about insurance?

Section 143 of the Road Traffic Act 1998 states that a person must not use a motor vehicle on a road or other public place unless there is in force in relation to the use of that vehicle by that person a policy of insurance.

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