Avoiding Speeding Tickets

Best Ways to Avoid Speeding Tickets

The only foolproof way to avoid speeding tickets is to watch your speed. The reality is that those limits were put there with the safety of the general public in mind.

There are of course those that argue that the limits are too low for them. That may be true but it is most certainly impossible to set up a speed limit that adjusts itself depending on driver ability.

Keep in mind that all the different kinds of drivers are on the motorway and country roads. We have the boy racers, the little old grandma and a whole spectrum of drivers with varying abilities.

The law needs to be a one size fits all thing and any errors that are made must be on the side of caution. Never mind if the speed limit is a tad too slow, better that than a tad too fast.

Saving lives is the ultimate goal of these laws and they want to make sure that a senior driver is not forced to drive beyond her limits just to keep up with the traffic flow dictated by a boy racer.

A little consideration here and there can make a difference to save lives.

Remember, speeding is best done on the racetrack.

Other Ways to Avoid Speeding Tickets

If after reading the foregoing, you still want to speed a little then read on for some tips that can save you from penalties.  First off, there are many ways offered all over the internet that offer you techniques to avoid speeding tickets. Well the efficacy of these methods is beyond the scope of our topic. But here are two that may be viable:

  • One is to switch lanes. There seems to be a bug in traffic cameras that allow drivers to avoid being pinpointed for speeding by switching their lanes.
  • Another popular method is to stay within a fast group ensuring that you do not set yourself apart from them. Doing so will make it easy for your car to be singled out for speeding.

What to Do When You Are Caught

When you are caught, there are two possible scenarios and the scenario that applies to your situation is one that is known only to you. So be honest when you try and see which scenario is yours so you can select the proper remedy.

First scenario is premised on the fact that you know that you are innocent and that the officer or camera mistakenly apprehended you.

In this case, you do have a few alternatives. One is to question, with legal assistance, the accuracy of the speed gun or speed camera. It is of course imperative that you also know for a fact that your speedometer is in fact accurate.

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