Neglected Land: How to Get Untidy Land Cleaned Up

What Is Neglected Land?

Neglected land can be defined as land that is intrinsically useful but due to neglect, has deteriorated and is now perceived to be abandoned, neglected and in its current state be even detrimental to its immediate environment.

This could be raw land that has not been cared for or previously developed land that is no longer attended to by the owner.

Who determines what is neglected land?

The government recognizes that the local community is the best authority to determine which land is neglected. So the emphasis has been on the local community to create task forces with the purpose of identifying neglected land and drawing up the rehabilitation plans as needed.

When did this clean up movement begin?

While the urge by many citizens to clean up their community has been ongoing for a long time, the movement started gaining momentum in 2004 when London was to make a bid for hosting the 2012 Olympics.

Now that London will definitely host the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, the cleaning up of neglected and untidy land is nearing fever pitch.

More and more communities are joining in and private companies and individuals are taking more active roles in their respective locations.

What are the current activities related to cleaning up untidy land?

The different boroughs and local towns have all drafted their own proposals regarding the restoration of neglected and untidy land. In as much as they are in the best position to determine the state of the property, it also follows that they would be in the best position to decide the correct approach.

More than just a reaction to the 2012 Olympics, the need to keep land in a town tidy and safe is now seen to be an essential part to ensuring the health and safety of its constituents.

As a result, most communities now recognize the need for them to play an active role in cleaning up their locale. This has created a substantial number of clean up, rehabilitation and tidying up activities that are spearheaded by both public and private initiative.

Ideally how will this clean up be done?

What will form the bulk of this initiative would be the determination of the citizens of UK to beautify their country in time for the 2012 Olympics. This determination is of an extraordinary character as shown during the Battle of Britain and other trials. And the government is counting on this character and determination to overcome the daunting obstacle that confronts those tasked with cleaning up the country in time.

Most of the individual cleanup programs rely on a proactive approach which will entail the government working hand in hand with the property owners and the citizens. This is of course ideal.

However, the government does have several powers at its disposal to ensure compliance and cooperation. The issue of rehabilitating untidy or neglected land is now recognized to be a key to ensuring the health and safety of a community.

What Will Be Done If The Land Owner Is Either Absent Or Unwilling To Cooperate With Cleaning Up Their Land?

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