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What information should I provide when setting up an internet privacy policy for my website?

When putting together a privacy policy for your website you should take the following things into account:

  • You must make sure it is easy to find on your website

  • You must make sure that it is easy to read

You must make sure that it comprehensively explains all the details of your online information practices

This will then enable all online visitors to your website to make informed decisions concerning the collection and use of their information.


A privacy policy on your website is a promise to all users of your website that you will use their information in a certain way and accordingly protect their privacy which will in turn promote trust and confidence in your website.

Therefore, it is not enough to simply post a notice the provisions contained therein must be fully implemented as part of a wider privacy policy within your business.

Consequently you must put careful consideration into the creation of your policy to ensure that it accurately reflects the information practices which may be unique to your business ensuring that you can guarantee a faithful adherence to it provisions.

Standard Provisions

As all privacy policies may differ depending upon the nature of the website then the following provisions can only be relied on as standard provisions. They will however, apply to most business which use personal information for the standard purposes contained below. If you feel that your business uses personal information in a way which separates it from other business it may be wise to seek the advice of a solicitor when putting together the policy.

Accordingly the provisions which deal with the following issues should be contained within all standard website privacy policies:

  • Commitment to privacy

  • What information is collected

  • How the information is used

  • Data Protection provisions

  • Access to the information

Commitment to Privacy

The first section of your privacy policy should detail to your customer or website visitor that their privacy is important to you and you are committed to protecting it.

This section should detail the fact that you have provided this notice which explains all your online practices in order for the customer to make a choice about the way their information is collected and used.

In order to fully show your commitment to the privacy of your customers you should make the notice easy to find. If it is located on the homepage of your website then those customers wishing to find it will be able to do so immediately.

Information which is collected

The first thing to note is that you must say that this notice applies to all information collected or submitted on this company’s website. If you have other companies it is advisable that you produce a privacy policy for each.

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  • How the Information is used
  • Data Protection Provisions
  • Access to the Information