Wealth and corruption in football and player transfers

Transfers of players between football clubs

The ability for football clubs to transfer players between them is an extremely important aspect of the game of football enabling the club signing the player to prosper in footballing terms and the club selling the player to prosper in monetary terms.

The autonomy of football clubs

The autonomy of football clubs in world football is also an extremely important aspect of the game. The clubs in the FA Premier League may only be able to sign players between two distinctive transfer windows but the decision on who they wish to sign remains their own.

There may be power struggles within football clubs in relation to the duties of the manager and who makes the final decisions to sign players but that final decision will always come from within the club and should not be affected by outside influence.

Bargaining between two football clubs

If a football club in the FA Premier League wishes to gain the services of a player who is under contract with another club in the Premier League they will have to make an offer for that player. If that offer is accepted by the club who holds that players registration then the buying club will be free to discuss personal terms with that player.

The current problems faced by the transfer market in the Premier League

Currently in the FA Premier League certain clubs, following overseas investment, have huge sums of money of which to spend on players. This means that they can effectively sign any player they wish as most clubs will be willing to accept vastly inflated sums for their players as many other clubs in the Premier League are struggling financially.

Is there any other effect that these super wealthy clubs bring with them?

One of the biggest effects that these super wealthy clubs have is they inflate prices that other clubs will have to pay for potential players.

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