The Football Supporters’ Federation

The Football Supporters’ Federation

The Football Supporters’ Federation (FSF) is a nationwide supporters’ organisation for all football fans within the UK comprising over 142,000 individual fans and members of local supporters’ organisations and football clubs in the UK.

What role does the Football Supporters’ Federation play?

The FSF looks after all the interests of the football fan within the UK. This includes regular meetings with the football authorities and the Department of Culture, Media and Sport. In these meetings a wide range of issues are discussed. Many of these issues are brought forward by the FSF in order to bring forward the policies of the organisation in response to any concerns which have been raised by their members and supporters.

Does the Football Supporters’ Federation meet with any other bodies relevant to the issues faced by football fans?

The FSF will also meet with other relevant bodies such as the Independent Football Commission and the Police Match Commanders to undertake more detailed analysis of specific topics.

What issues does the Football Supporters’ Federation seek to address?

The FSF will often regularly take up specific complaints and cases which have been brought to the Federation’s attention by individual members or affiliated organisations. During the process of redressing these issues the FSF encourages the involvement of all the Federation’s supporters.

Are there any recent campaigns run by the Football Supporters’ Federation?

The recent campaigns which have been run, or are still being run, by the FSF include the following:

  • Watching football is not a crime – a campaign concerned with football fans unjustly served with football banning orders
  • Fair Cop? – a campaign which enables fans to obtain feedback on policing and stewarding at matches played in the North East of England
  • Price Watch – a campaign which responds to many fans’ concerns that their football club may be bending or breaking the rules on pricing of tickets
  • No to Gam£ 39 – a campaign against the FA Premier Leagues proposal to extend the Premier League season to 39 games included one round of matches played in various locations around the world

The FSF also works on a campaign for safe standing in football stadiums along with a body called Stand Up Sit Down.

What is the structure of the Football Supporters’ Federation?

The FSF is made up of six regional divisions, they are as follows: 

  • Northeast
  • Yorkshire – this also covers Humberside and the north midlands
  • North West & North Wales
  • Midlands
  • Southern
  • South West and South Wales

The fact that it is split up into six divisional regions enables members to have a regular opportunity to come together and discuss all aspects of football, specific events and a range of supporter issues.

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