Football clubs losing players due to injuries from an International game

The conflict between clubs and international football teams

Currently in world football there exists conflict between the domestic football clubs and the international football teams.

What is the reason for this conflict?

The reason for this conflict is that it is the domestic clubs who pay the wages of the football players – in most cases where the player is a full international the wages will be a large sum – but a player can be required to play for his country often causing injury which prevents the club from using that player.

What are the rules regarding players being called up for their international teams?

When a player is called up for international duty he will be required to report for training on the date specified by the national governing body – in the case of the England national team this would be the Football Association.

If a player does not wish to be part of the squad he can make this clear to the governing body. However, this will clearly count against him for his future hopes of playing for his country.

The main reason why a player will not be involved in an international squad, where he wishes to play for his country, is if that player is deemed to be injured.

What happens if a player is deemed to be injured?

If a player is deemed to be injured in most cases the club for which that player plays will inform the Football Association that the player is injured.

Will the Football Association medical staff wish to gain a second opinion?

In certain situations the Football Association medical staff can demand that the player reports for training to that they can assess the player themselves. Often this will only happen if the international team is involved in an international tournament or has an important qualifier. For international friendly matches it is extremely unlikely that this will happen as the Football Association will wish to keep some balance between the England team and the clubs.

What happens if a player is injured while on international duty?

If a player is injured on international duty the medical staff involved with the national team will send reports directly to the club doctors stating the injury problems and what action has been taken.

What happens if the injury is deemed minor?

If the injury is deemed minor by the national team medical staff and the national team has another match during the period when the squad is together it is the decision of the national team as to whether the player plays in the match.

Can the club have a say in this matter?

The club can make their feelings clear to the national team but the final decision on whether that player plays in the international match will be the final decision of the national team.

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