As an employer am I entitled to refuse a last minute holiday request?

Statutory Right to time off

All full time employees working in the United Kingdom have a statutory right to take holidays and also receive holiday pay while on the holidays.

Number of holidays permitted by companies and statutory minimum

Currently full time employees within the UK are entitled to 24 days paid holiday a year. Some companies may provide employees with more than this allocation dependent upon company policy.

Does an employee have to request for time off from their employer?

If an employee wishes to use some of their annual holiday leave then they must make a proper request to their employer within the specified notice period.

How much notice of an intention to take holidays is an employee required to give an employer?

An employee who requests statutory holiday form their employer must give notice according to one of the following:

In the situation whereby an employee fails to give the required notice to their employer the employer is under no obligation to allow them to take the holiday.

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