What is divorce?

Divorce is the ugly word that can traumatise so many lives in the UK. A costly process, both emotionally and financially, this should be the last course of action for an estranged couple. However, the reality is that approaching 1 in 2 marriages are doomed to failure, meaning that advice is required on the divorce or separation procedure.

The parties entering into the process can occasionally underestimate the effects of what a divorce will have on their lives. If the relationship has remained amicable and they are able to come to an out-of-court arrangement, then no further action need be taken. However, if there is a source of disagreement, then a court or judge may be instructed to award certain privileges to either party. This can include division of property, sale of major assets or dividing up remaining debt. This can often become a torturous process and is why divorce is listed as one of the most stressful experiences that a human can undergo.

Divorce Procedure

In the UK divorce is serious business and you will need to find yourself a solicitor as soon as possible. There is no substitute for the experience, help and moral support that these seasoned professionals can offer you in this difficult time. They can then gather information from you regarding which assets or requirements are key to you during the forthcoming process.

The first step in the divorce procedure is for one of the two parties to file a divorce petitioner. This is a document that details who you are looking to separate from and on what grounds you are doing so. This is always a tricky scenario, as no one wants to be served with a divorce petitioner and can often motivate the recipient to act out of anger or revenge in the following months.

Alternatively, this can be a very refrained affair, with both parties agreeing to cover the cost of the divorce and settling personal disputes out of the courtroom.In the majority of cases a dispute will arise to the demands of the individual who has filed for the divorce.

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