What is possession claim online and is it a service which is available to me?

Making a claim

Often individuals will need to make a claim against another party for the payment of a commercial debt such as rent owed from tenants to a landlord.

Often the process in ensuring that this payment is made involves writing a letter to the individual who you have the potential to make a claim against detailing all aspects of your potential claim such as the payment dates etc. in the letter reference will usually be made to the fact that if payment is not made by a specific date you will take the case to a county court.

If the individual does not make the payment then the usual course of action will be to take the claim to a country court.

Possession Claim Online

Possession Claim Online is a new Government internet service which enables you to make a claim against another individual through a specific website.

When can Possession Claim Online be used?

Possession claim online will be a suitable tool for the following situations:

  • When an individual brings a claim under Section of Part 55 of the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) which governs the use of electronic claim forms

  • The claim relates to a possession claim by a landlord against a tenant solely on the grounds of rent. This must be in relation to a residential property. You cannot, however, use Possession Claim Online in relation to a landlord claiming against a tenant for forfeiture of the lease

  • The claim relates to a claim by the mortgagee against the mortgagor – this can only occur when the claim is on the grounds of a default of the mortgage payments

What must be present in order to use Possession Claim Online?

In order to use Possession Claim Online the following things must be present:

  • You must have an address in England or Wales where documents can be delivered to you

  • The defendant must have an address for service in England or Wales

  • You must be able to provide a postcode for the property to be recovered

  • You must also have an email address for correspondence

Who else can use Possession Claim Online?

Possession Claim online can be used by individuals in both their capacity as a landlord or a tenant. It can also be used by solicitors, government and business to do one of the following:

  • A claim

  • A warrant

  • Other services related to possession claims

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