Accidents caused by Children: Liability, Compensation and Negligence

Has your Child caused an Accident?

If someone is involved in an accident caused by a child, it can be difficult to prove that the child’s behaviour has been negligent. Even if carelessness by the child can be proved, it may not be worth pursuing any legal action as the child is not likely to have any money.

Compensation Claim

It may seem odd to suggest that injury to minor claim could be made against a child, but sometimes this is possible. Very young children cannot be considered negligent in causing an accident as they are too young to realise the consequences of their actions, but older children can. There are only four cases when your child will have to give a compensation claim:

  1. Firstly, if your child is 10 years and over she or he can be convicted of a criminal act in England and Wales.
  2. Second, in rare cases where the child has personally got assets, she or he can be sued for compensation.
  3. Third, in certain cases a judgment can be enforced for six years following the date of the judgment, during which period your child may become able to pay.
  4. Lastly, though a young child would not have the means to pay compensation claim, we must remember that most children live with their parents in a home which has building and contents insurance.

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