Is administration an option for a business which is in trouble?

Businesses and the current financial climate

Currently in the United Kingdom many small businesses are struggling to stay afloat. With a decrease in public spending many businesses are being hit where in hurts – in the potential revenue which they can earn. Larger businesses are in many cases struggling but due to their size and potential reserves they are able to keep ticking over. However, the financial problems currently suffered in the UK are causing notable problems in relation to much smaller business.

This has caused many businesses to go into administration.

What is meant by the term administration?

When a company of any size gets into financial trouble and is unable to pay the debts which it owes to various bodies, an administrator or administrative receiver may be appointed.

What is the main goal of the administrator?

The main goal of the administrator is to rescue the company as a going concern. However, this is not always possible so in situations where this is not possible the administrator will attempt to get a better result for the creditors than would be achieved if the company was wound it. This is achieved by rescuing parts of the business.

What happens if this is not able to be done?

If the company as a whole will not be able to be rescued nor will parts of the company be able to rescued then the administrator will sell the assets of the company to at least make a partial payment to the creditors.

Is this a desirable position for a business?

Being in financial difficulties is certainly not a desirable position for a business to be in but administration may prove a better option than the company simply going out of business as in some cases it may enable the business to continue to operate in the chosen industry rather than ceasing to exist. The previous owner may not still be in control of the company but if it can continue to run then this may provide a better alternative for individuals still involved with the company.

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