Labelling fish

The law relating to the labelling of fish is governed by the Fish Labelling (England) Regulations 2010.

Provision of information

Those offering for retail sale to a final consumer the following products are required to provide certain information:

  • live fish;
  • fresh or chilled fish;
  • frozen fish;
  • fresh, chilled or frozen fish fillets and other fish meats including minced fish;
  • dried or salted fish, fish in brine, smoked fish, flours, meals and pellets of fish, fit for human consumption;
  • live, fresh, chilled, frozen, dried or salted crustaceans, crustaceans in brine, crustaceans in shell cooked by steaming or boiling, flours, meals and pellets of crustaceans, fit for human consumption;
  • live, fresh, chilled, frozen, dried or salted molluscs or other aquatic invertebrates, molluscs or other aquatic invertebrates in brine, flours, meals and pellets of aquatic invertebrates, fit for human consumption.

The information which must be provided is as follows:

  • the commercial designation of the species (i.e. the type of fish. A list containing the commercial designations is set out in the Regulations);
  • the production method (farmed, caught at sea or in inland waters) unless it is obvious from the commercial designation and catch area that the species is caught at sea;
  • the catch area.

In relation to products caught at sea the catch area will be one of the following:

    North-West Atlantic; North-East Atlantic; Baltic Sea; Central-Western Atlantic; Central-Eastern Atlantic; South-West Atlantic; South-East Atlantic; Mediterranean Sea; Black Sea; Indian Ocean; Pacific Ocean; Antarctic.

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