Holding numbers, flock numbers and herd numbers

Where livestock is kept it is necessary to obtain a holding number for the land on which the livestock is kept. It is also necessary to obtain a flock or a herd number. These requirements apply not only to farms but also where a single pet animal is kept.

Holding numbers

A “County Parish Holding number” to give it its full name, which is often abbreviated to a “CPH number” or referred to as a “holding number” is required where cattle, sheep, goats and/ or pigs are kept. A holding number is a unique number, the purpose of which is to identify the land upon which such animals are kept.

The keeper of livestock is required to have a holding number for all land on which their animals graze even if the land is not owned by them and even if the animals are only grazing on a piece of land for a short period of time. In the case of land which is temporarily grazed a temporary holding number can be obtained.

Owners of horses do not need a holding number unless they wish to make a claim under the Single Payment Scheme.

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